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Retrofit products:


BMW iDrive controller frame

BMW iDrive controller retrofit frame


 We can also offer FSC code for NBT navi enable, voice control enable, 6nr apps enable and Sirius satellite radio enable for a very reasonable price, importing these FSC's is easy and very fast, it is done by USB, also it includes FSC your region latest map


BMW Cables

MOST filter for navi enable BMW F01, F02, F10, F11, F25, F13, F07, CIC Navigation


LED LCD cluster, we can offer prepairing your cluster by car VIN and car milage


Navigation, video in motion, rear camera, pdc, can filter - emulator - activator, we can offer these in two versions: standart (need cut and connect wires) and plug and play (easy to install, just need to connect plugs)

USB for glove box (for import and export music and map update)


BMW from E-Series to NBT retrofit adapter - emulator (we can also offer you all parts related with this retrofit like: trims, navigation units, etc.)

BMW iDrive controllers


We also provide OEM BMW FSC code enable by the car VIN number, for CIC and NBT, for navi, voice control, 6NR APPS, map update code. Just contact us, if you feel interested.